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Your fur baby’s entire world revolves around you and their treats. Think about it… Their day begins
when you walk in from work… from shopping… from getting the mail out of the box. No matter the
length of time you were gone, your pet is happy to see you, and expects a reward for being so patient. Treats reward and motivate. Treats are expected and appreciated.

The anticipation of a yummy treat will have your four-legged friend staring at you, then the cupboard where the treats are kept… or staring at you and barking or whining… as if to say, “I was a good boy all day! Where’s my treat?” Some especially talented babies will perform every trick in their repertoire, before being asked… because they know their reward is a special treat. And the treats at The Barkery are special indeed!

The Barkery offers an everchanging assortment of yummy cookies, in a variety of sizes and price points. Whether seasonal, or for a special occasion, you will find something for every pet on your gift list.

Barkery Cases are filled with beautiful seasonally decorated cookies from Bosco and Roxy’s and our Cookie Jar treats offer a variety of flavors, including grain-free, from Happy Dog Barkery in Chicago. Stop in a pick-up a Barker’s Dozen.

Your pet will be wagging for more!

🐾 These are examples of cookies you may find at The Barkery.

Closeup of Dog Treats
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