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For the health of all the pets at The Spa, we require that your pet be current on DHPP (Distemper, Hepatitis, Parainfluenza and Parvo), and Rabies vaccinations. If your pet is frequently boarded, or attends day-care, have your pet vaccinated for Bordetella
(Kennel Cough) too. 

There are a few pets that, due to health issues, cannot receive regularly scheduled vaccinations, and are titer tested instead, which is acceptable for proof of vaccination with a statement from your veterinarian.


Please bring a copy of the vaccination records with you to the first appointment, or ask your veterinarian clinic to email us at

✅ Please, please, please… for your pet’s safety, have your pet on-lead when entering The Spa. Please leave the leash on your pet while in the reception area.

Retractable leads should be locked at a length of 4 to 6′… really! I have experienced a client whom allowed their retractable lead to wrap around another client in the salon causing that client to fall and just missed hitting her head on the reception
desk. We do not like the use of retractable leads in small or congested spaces. They are dangerous. We implore you to keep them locked and loaded at 4 to 6’ while at The Spa.

✅ Do not allow your pet to have direct contact with another pet while in the reception and boutique area. Our No Nose-To-Nose applies to all pets not in the same family.

✅ If you must cancel or reschedule your appointment, kindly give at least a 24-hour notice. Clients receive their next appointment at pick-up, while most clients have the dates for the entire year. We always call or text clients the day before your appointment to confirm. We do not over book. We book a manageable number of appointments based on the number of stylists we have on staff that day. The breeds and sizes of the pets are carefully scheduled so that each staff member can enjoy a comfortably full schedule without feeling rushed or overwhelmed. The pet benefits from this approach, as a stressed, rushed experience is not going to make your pet feel loved or comfortable.

You may not know that pet stylists are typically paid on commission. The unintended issue with not overbooking, is that if you no-show or cancel without giving at least a 24- hour notice, it is likely that we can not fill that appointment… which means your pet’s stylist is shorted financially.

I know that life happens, and things can change in a moment… but, please be respectful of your pet stylist’s time and livelihood and give us notice if your schedule changes.

✅We are frequently asked about tipping etiquette. Grooming your pet is a highly personalized service that develops into a strong bond between the pet and stylist. If you are pleased with the quality of service your pet receives, then tipping is acceptable and greatly appreciated. Your tips go to the staff members, not to the owner.

Tips for an Enjoyable Grooming Session


For your pet’s comfort and spa sanitation be sure your pet has fully taken care of his or her “potty” business before entering. A pet that has to “potty” during the grooming session is uncomfortable and fidgety. We can tell the difference between a nervous “nugget” and last night’s dinner. Imagine the embarrassment they feel when they just can’t hold it any longer. Please, walk your pet and be sure they have taken care of business so they can be relaxed and enjoy their time at The Spa. There is a large grassy area behind the building for “potty” walks. There are poop bags and receptacles for which to deposit the used bags in both the front and rear of the building. Please be considerate of others and PICK UP THE POOH! If you need assistance please let us know at the front desk.

For your pet’s comfort, please do not feed large meals or unusual treats before the grooming appointment.


To prevent unnecessary stress for your pet and his or her stylist, please do not arrive before your scheduled pick-up time or before we call to let you know your pet is ready to go home. Your pet’s complete attention is required by the stylist for a safe and stress free grooming session.


Your pet knows when you pull into our parking lot. Once they hear the pet parent’s voice the magic is broken. Working on moving objects with sharp instruments is potentially dangerous. You may call us if you have questions or need to change your pick up time.

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