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A Fortunate Dog Spa Team

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Karla’s Dream Team.

Our Stylists

Andie has a passion for all things dog! She is pet parent to three Boston Terriers and a German Shorthaired Pointer, a horse and lizard. Andie is a highly skilled stylist, possessing a natural ease as she highlights the best of each purebred dog she grooms. Andie is very active in dog sports and competing in the conformation ring and has amassed a myriad of purebred knowledge. She has been a valued member of our team for ten years and enjoys grooming sporting breeds and terriers.


Lead Stylist

Sarah is our artist! She is all about the coated breeds requiring sculpting. Sarah enjoys the artistry of grooming, styling our Airedales, Cavapoos, Multipoos, Poodles and majestic Doodles to perfection. Sarah is parent to three rescue dogs, six cats and a fishtank. In her free time, she puts her artistic talents to work with her beautiful landscape paintings. Sarah has been grooming for 13 years and has been with The Spa for seven years.  



Kayla has a great talent and patience with our four-legged guests. She takes special care with our pets, from the little senior citizens to the large hairy breeds. Kayla enjoys the transformation as the pet is groomed and takes pride in knowing that she has helped the pet to feel and look better during their time at The Spa. Kayla got her start in a big box store eleven years ago and has been with us for seven of those. She has a heart for all animals and has shared her love with horses and dogs throughout her life.



Grace is an amazing stylist. She is diverse in her talents with the strength and skill to groom and de-shed a large double-coated breed to perfection to the gentle touch and patience it takes to handle our little senior citizens through the grooming process. She enjoys working with Huskies and Shih-Tzus. Grace is parent to one rescue dog and four cats. Grace got her start in grooming at a big box store nearly four years ago and with our team for two.



Savannah possesses the skill and ability of someone who has been grooming twice as long as she. Savannah has a gentle approach that our pets respond beautifully too. She calms the pet that may be new to grooming or that has had a bad experience in the past. She loves grooming Chihuahuas and Corgis (she has both at home) but is equally suited to coated breeds requiring advanced skill. Savannah is a graduate of Live Oaks Animal Science program. She joined our team over a year ago after a short stint at another salon. She is parent to six dogs and one cat.



Courtney ‘s sweet disposition and kind approach to the dogs she grooms quickly builds a strong bond between pet and stylist. She loves the artistry of sculpting Golden Retrievers and Pomeranians to perfection and takes great pride in her work. Courtney has seven years of professional experience after graduating from Grooming School in northern Ohio. She has been an adored member of our team for one year and is parent to three Chihuahuas, one cat and a tortoise.



Sally has natural talent, possessing the eye, skill and patience it takes to do this job well. Our pets (even the naughty ones) respond well to Sally’s gentle approach. She started her pet career in a veterinarian clinic, but soon desired a more joyful environment. She found that with grooming! Sally is a graduate of Nash Academy in Lexington, Kentucky and has been grooming professionally for seven years. Sally has been with our team for a total of five years. She is parent to a rescue Pitty.



Our Spa Techs

Josie is a Spa Tech extraordinaire! She is incredibly good at her job, going above and beyond to provide outstanding personalized care to our pets and is always ready to lend a hand to team members. Josie has been with The Spa for nearly two years. She is a self-proclaimed home body, enjoying life with her Australian Shepherd mix and cat. Our pets are bathed, conditioned and dried to perfection under her watchful eye.


Lead Spa Tech

Ty’ere has a magical way with our pets. His gentle, kind and patient character makes him a natural in this position. He always puts the welfare and comfort of our pets above all else. Ty’ere is a graduate of the Cincinnati Zoo Academy and for the past three years, a highly valued member of our team. He has a special skill for bathing and drying the most challenging of coats, taking the time and focus needed to reach perfection. Ty’ere also takes the time and provides comfort and gentle guidance to the pets that may not enjoy the bathing and drying experience. He shares his heart and home with a dog and a cat.


Spa Tech

Bell worked in doggy day care before coming to the spa. She has good “dog sense” making the position of Spa Tech a perfect fit. Bell enjoys working on Golden Retrievers and Chihuahuas the most, but has a gentle and caring touch with all our pets. She shares her life with two Chihuahua mixes.


Spa Tech

Ari is a graduate of the Live Oaks Animal Science program. She is calm and kind with our pets, providing an enjoyable bathing and drying session for each of the pets she cares for. Ari enjoys fluff drying our Bichons and Cavaliers most. She is parent to a dog, two birds and a guinea pig.


Spa Tech

Grace graduated from the Animal Science program at Live Oaks Career Center and came on board with us after a short stint at another salon. She loves working with our pets making them look and feel amazing! Grace has a Mini GoldenDoodle and a Shepherd mix that she refers to as her pride and joy. She has done lots of fostering and has a passion for giving shelter dogs a second chance.


Spa Tech

Customer Service

As a Certified Master Groomer and International Contest Judge, with 50 years of pet industry and grooming experience, Karla is pleased to provide pet parents a clean, safe environment where their precious fur babies receive the highest level of kind and compassionate grooming care by experienced and talented professionals.

Karla Addington-Smith


Carlie’s decade of grooming industry experience, working her way up from bather, to groomer and finally to salon manager of a big box store, makes her uniquely qualified to manage the day-to-day operations at The Spa. She has a heart for our pets and clients too! Carlie enjoys grooming the scruffy coated pets most. She shares her life with a little scruffy Cairn mix, a handsome Pitty, four cats and three reptiles. Carlie joined our team in 2022 and we are so happy to have her!

Carlie & Cocoa


Casey loves dogs… and animals of all sorts for that matter! She has worked in wildlife rehab and provides lots of enrichment for her own pets. Casey enjoys greeting our clients and getting our pets situated and comfortable at check-in. She loves seeing them so excited to start their Spa Day and so relaxed and beautiful at the end of their visit! Casey shares her home and heart with two dogs, two cats, two rats and a turtle.


Pet Concierge

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