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Our signature spa treatments will have your best friend wagging for more! Our treatments are specially formulated to not only meet your pet’s coat and skin care needs, but to enhance and rejuvenate the body, mind and soul! In fact, we are so sure that you will recognize and appreciate the outstanding results of the look and feel of your pet’s coat and skin, that we will provide your furry best friend a complementary spa treatment with his or her first grooming session. The process is relaxing for your pet and sets the tone for an enjoyable day at A Fortunate Dog Spa. We offer five spa treatments that specifically address your pet’s coat and skin care needs.

White Foam
Moisturizing Heat Wrap™

The most popular treatment is our Moisturizing Heat Wrap which adds elasticity and repairs damaged coat, while soothing and moisturizing the skin. This is pampering at its finest. First your pet is bathed in one of our specially formulated soap and detergent free shampoos. After rinsing, we apply a luxurious conditioner, rich in essential fatty acids, aloe vera and jojoba oil onto your pet’s coat, massaging down to the skin. Next, your pet is wrapped in warm towels for 10 to 15 minutes. You can see the stress melt away as your fur baby relaxes and enjoys the pampering. The results are beautiful! You will see, smell and feel the difference in your pet’s coat after just one treatment.

Pampering At Its Finest

Moisturizing Heat Wrap™ $12 – $20 

DeShedding Silk Heat Wrap®

Give the vacuum a break! May we suggest our DeShedding Silk Wrap® for your double-coated breed? The procedure is the same as the heat wrap above, but we use a specially formulated product containing sesame oil, silk amino acids, essential fatty acids and aloe vera that provides outstanding condition and shine to coats while moisturizing and enhancing suppleness of skin. Your double-coated breed will be looking more naturally beautiful than ever before! 

See & Feel The Difference After One Treatment

Moisturizing Heat Wrap™ $12 – $20 

Oats and Apples Wrap™

We see many pets with specific skin and coat issues that require special treatment to avoid irritating the existing problem and to promote healing. That is why we offer these additional Spa Treatments: Our Oats and Apples Wrap Treatment with colloidal oatmeal, chamomile, apple pectin and vitamin E, cools minor skin inflammation while calming dry, itchy skin. This spa treatment is soothing to skin while enhancing coat texture and smells yummy!

Soothes With A Yummy Fragrance

Oats and Apples Wrap™ $12 – $20

Aromatherapy Skin Treatment™

Perfect for summer, our 2-step botanical Aromatherapy Skin Treatment deep cleans, degreases, deodorizes and de-fleas. Rich in natural oils, this pesticide alternative process promotes healing of bug bite dermatitis. Your pet will find this treatment invigorating and the residual effects will help to keep him pest free for days.

Invigorating With Residual Effect

Aromatherapy Skin Treatment™$12 – $20

Botanical Cocoa and Mud Wrap™

The exclusive Botanical Cocoa and Dead Sea Mud Wrap is our prescription alternative treatment for moist dermatitis. This wrap contains sage extract, cocoa extract, and chamomile providing natural antibacterial properties that reduce body odor, while promoting healing and sloughing of minor moist dermatitis and hot spots. Your pet will find this treatment both therapeutic and luxurious!

Therapeutic and Luxurious

Botanical Cocoa and Mud Wrap™$15 – $25

Therapeutic Mobility Mud Wrap™

Put a little pep in their step! Peppermint and menthol provides temporary relief of aches and stiffness associated with aging or an active lifestyle.

Soothe and Comfort

Therapeutic Mobility Mud Wrap™$15 – $25

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